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Annuity Plan

Payment of Accumulated Share

A Participant’s Accumulated Share shall become payable, if an application is filed, in the manner set forth in Section 4.04 under the following circumstances:

  1. Receipt of a pension from the Bay Area Painters and Tapers Pension Trust Fund.
  2. Death before Retirement.
  3. Total disability before Retirement which shall be evidenced by a Participant’s receipt of determination of entitlement to a Social Security Disability Benefit.
  4. Failure to work at least 400 hours in Covered Employment in any two consecutive Plan Years.
  5. Verification that no Contributions were made or required to be made to the Participant’s Individual Account for a period of at least six consecutive calendar months and evidence that the Participant has not otherwise engaged nor is presently engaged in any Covered Employment for wages or profit as a painter or taper in the geographic area covered by the Annuity Plan.
  6. Payment to a designated “alternate payee” pursuant to the terms of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. Upon application by the alternate payee, such payment shall be made without regard to whether the Participant is similarly entitled to payment under the other provisions of this Section 4.03.

References to specific section(s) of the Plan can be found in the Official Plan Document under Plan Documents on this website.

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