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Annuity Plan


Application for Benefits Initial Date

Application for all payments of a Participant’s Accumulated Share must be made in writing in a form and manner prescribed by the Board of Trustees, at least 30 days prior to the date payment of the Participant’s Accumulated Share is to be made in accordance with Section 4.03. No benefits shall be paid prior to the establishment and crediting to Individual Accounts of Contributions and investment earnings, or prior to the receipt of written confirmation from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States that the Trust is an exempt trust and that the Plan is a qualified Plan under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, whichever is later.

Failure to Apply for Accumulated Share

If an Employee Retires, as described in Section 1.19, and an application for payment or an election of payment deferral of his Accumulated Share pursuant to Section 5.04 is not received within three months from the date of such Retirement, the Board of Trustees shall place the Employee’s Individual Account in inactive status at the end of the three-month period. Individual Accounts in inactive status continue to be included in all Valuations as described in Section 3.02. If the Board of Trustees is unable to locate such Retired Employee within five (5) years of the date at which the payment of his Accumulated Share was to have been made, then no benefits is payable and such amount shall be used to defray the non-investment expenses of the Plan in accordance with Section 3.02. However, if such a Retired Employee subsequently makes claim for such benefit, the benefit shall again become payable to such Retired Employee in the amount of his Accumulated Share as of the end of the five-year period.

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References to specific section(s) of the Plan can be found in the Official Plan Document under Plan Documents on this website.

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